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TKP Schoolhouse

Owner: Mayur and Tina Patel
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Business: Apartment Complez
Purpose of Loan: Property Renovation and Equipment
Impact: Economic Security

Once known as the Ronald Brown Charter School, this three story building is now home to 33 modern and spacious apartments. After being vacant for several years, husband and wife team Mayur and Tina Patel saw this vacant property as an opportunity to provide additional housing opportunities in the city of Harrisburg. Their plan was to renovate the space and attract government employees and employees of other area businesses to live in closer proximity to the capital complex.

Both Mayur and Tina had a significant amount of real estate experience, having previously dealt in several ventures. After pursing other options, they approached Community First Fund for financing to cover renovation and equipment costs that would transform the empty school into desirable apartments. Today the upscale apartment building, located within walking distance to State Government buildings and close to downtown, is a vibrant addition to the neighborhood. “Loft living provides the quintessential downtown living experience,” says Mayur. The Patel’s vision became reality; offering housing for a city that is on the rise and contributing to the ongoing development of midtown and downtown Harrisburg.