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Super Natural Produce

Owner: Leopoldo Sanchez
Location: Reading, PA
Business: Grocery Store
Purpose of Loan: Property Renovation
Impact: Food Resources

After more than two decades working for other grocers, Leopoldo Sanchez dreamed of opening his own store. He knew there were areas in Reading that lacked access to healthy, fresh foods and decided to branch out on his own. He found a vacant property in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, knew it was the perfect location and opened Super Natural Produce.

Community First Fund provided Leo with a loan to help renovate the property. Thanks to his vision and concern for the community, a once blighted building is now home to a thriving and popular business that also employs 20 local residents.

Unlike many bodegas, Leo’s store is heavy on produce including unique foods native to the Caribbean and Central America – a perfect fit for his customer base. Super Natural Produce brought new life and access to healthy food to the surrounding neighborhood, but his reputation for high quality foods, reasonable prices and exceptional service draws customers from near and far.