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Sue’s Food Market

Owner: Sue Myers
Location: Wrightsville, PA
Business: Grocery Store
Purpose of Loan: Mortgage Refinance
Impact: Food Resources

Sue Myers’ commitment to the Wrightsville community began over 36 years ago when she first started working at Andy’s Market, a small downtown grocery store. Twenty-five years later, she purchased the business, renamed it Sue’s Food Market, and made it her own. Soon after, Community First Fund provided a loan to refinance a previous private commercial mortgage for the mixed-use property, which included the store and five affordable-rate apartments.

Sue has built a dedicated customer base who appreciate her selection of quality fresh meats, cheese, and deli items. Clients across multiple counties travel to take advantage of the affordable deals on customized meat packages sized to fit various family needs and budgets. In addition to providing quality foods, the market also supports local nonprofits by offering the best area pricing on pre-made subs and sandwiches for group fundraising efforts.