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Roxy’s Café

Owner: Armando Martinez-Gonzalez
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Business: Restaurant
Purpose of Loan: Business and Property Purchase
Impact: Economic Security

Armando Martinez-Gonzalez left his hometown of Brisena, Mexico as a teenager and moved to the United States dreaming of endless opportunities and someday owning his own restaurant. Over twenty years later, the now highly skilled chef landed at the ever-popular Roxy’s Café at the foot of the Capitol steps in Harrisburg. When the owner announced his retirement, Armando seized the opportunity to buy the business.

Community First Fund worked with Armando to prepare for the loan application and to take ownership of the business. A small business loan gave him the cushion he needed to get started.

The proud new owner preserved the best parts of Roxy’s Café, added touches of “home” like Mexican and Latin American dishes, and updated the menu with fresh, local ingredients.

After a few more successful years, Armando again reached out to Community First Fund to help finance the purchase of the building Roxy’s calls home. Armando’s new dreams now include plans to renovate the empty second-floor apartments to create affordable housing in downtown Harrisburg.