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Miracle Joy Motor

OwnerDavid Christian
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Business: Auto Repair Shop
Purpose of Loan: Business Operations and Home Mortgage

David Christian has based his business on one principle: to serve his customers with love and respect. As the owner of Miracle Joy Motor, an auto repair business in Philadelphia, he strives to offer the best in customer service. His high standards come from years of challenges and hard work.

David, an Indonesian immigrant, came to the United States in 2003 and found employment at an auto repair shop. While working as a mechanic, David noticed there was a language barrier for many Indonesians looking to have their cars repaired. Realizing he could address this communication gap, he decided to open his own business to serve the Indonesian community.

David first came to FINANTA in 2019 seeking technical and financial assistance for his business and personal life. With our help, he was able to open his first bank account, obtain his first business loan through our Affinity Group Lending Program, and formalize his auto repair business as an LLC. We also provided David and his wife with their first mortgage, allowing them to move their family from a small apartment into a single family home.

Since opening his business, David’s clientele has continued to grow. Today, Miracle Joy Motor is one of the only Indonesian auto repair shops in Philadelphia. David is so thankful that he found Community First Fund/FINANTA, as he often says, “I think it’s one of God’s miracles for me.”