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Makes Scents, LLC

Owners: Heather and Nathan Kreider
Location: Lancaster, PA
Business: Spa Products Manufacturer
Purpose of Loan: Property Purchase and Renovations
Impact: Economic Security

Heather and Nathan Kreider are the very definition of a power couple. Combined, the pair has over 20 years of experience in the spa industry, savvy business skills and a shared passion for healthy, natural living. Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to start their own manufacturing company, Makes Scents, LLC which produces Makes Scents Natural Spa Line, a variety of natural spa products for upscale spas, resorts and salons across the nation.

When demand for Makes Scents products took off, Heather and Nathan knew they needed more space. They liked the energy in Lancaster city and wanted to be part of the flourishing business scene. A loan from Community First Fund helped the pair purchase and renovate a city building that better suited the needs of their growing company. “Community First Fund was there for us when no else was”, says Heather, “This business would not be open if they didn’t help us.”

What was once an aging cinderblock building is now the chic, contemporary headquarters of Makes Scents, LLC. In addition to the manufacturing operation on the ground floor, Heather and Nathan’s real estate holding company rents out two apartments above Makes Scents. Nearby property owners have been inspired to undertake their own renovation projects and the area is slowly transforming into a more vibrant neighborhood.

Steering a thriving business, creating jobs, providing quality affordable housing, and taking the lead on revitalizing a city block – now that’s a power couple.