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Leg Up Farmers Market

Owner: Louie Castriota
Location: York, PA
Business: Organic Market
Purpose of Loan: Startup Costs
Impact: Food Access

After their daughter was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder that causes both cognitive and motor function delays, Louie and Laurie Castriota founded two York-based nonprofit organizations: Leg Up Farm, a nonprofit therapy center for children with special needs; and Able-Services, a day program for adults with special needs.

In 2016, with assistance from Community First Fund, Louie opened a new for-profit business. Leg Up Farmers Market was designed to help Leg Up families meet their children’s unique and challenging dietary needs. The 18,700 square foot market focuses on natural and organic, locally-sourced products and employs 35 people, including adults from Able-Services.

Leg Up Farmers Market has become a magnet, drawing customers who are pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Seventy percent of sales go right back into funding Leg Up’s other services, and the market further supports the broader community with fun, educational events and free cooking classes. Many in York and surrounding communities now have access to healthy foods.