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Juniata Supermarket


Owner: Jose and Maria Gomez, Regis Cabral
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Business: Juniata Supermarket
Purpose of Loan: Business Purchase and Expansion
Impact: Food Resources, Economic Security

Jose Gomez started in the grocery store business nearly 50 years ago in New York City when he opened his first bodegas at an early age. 

In 2003, Jose, his wife, Maria, and business partner, Regis Cabral, moved to Philadelphia and started the Juniata Supermarket Inc in an area without any fresh food options. They operated this store for 18 years, watching as more and more Latinos moved into the area. They saw the need for a grocery store that would stock the foods they grew up with and provide locally-sourced and organic options for the Latinos that lived there.  

Through our financing, Juniata Supermarket operates a newly constructed 40,000 sq ft grocery store which provides fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, prepared foods, a bakery and specialized food options for residents in the community. 

Part of living and working in a vibrant community means having access to healthy, fresh foods and Juniata Supermarket is the foundation for their community in Philadelphia.