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Iglesia De Cristo Misonera

Owner: Rev. Washington Plaza
Location: Allentown, PA
Business: Religious Organization
Purpose of Loan: Property Purchase and Renovation
Impact: Economic Security

Religious institutions often face challenges in obtaining financing, as traditional banks see them as a high-risk investment. This was the experience of Reverends Orlando Santiago Cruz and Washington Plaza when they tried to purchase a new property for their church Igelsia de Cristo Misionera. Started in 2001, this church provides a variety of family-focused services to their congregation and members of the community. Over the years, Iglesia de Cristo Misionera outgrew their small building in Allentown and needed to find a new location.

After struggling to obtain financing, Community First Fund stepped in to help. After working with church leaders to find the best property to suit their needs, we provided them with financing to purchase a vacant building and complete renovations to transform the space into their new worship space. Iglesia de Cristo Misionera now has the capacity to double their congregation and hold community events for up to 600 people.