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Harvest Moon Bagel Co.

Owner: Chelsea and Zach Zawisa
Location: Lancaster, PA
Business: Bagel Shop
Purpose of Loan: Retail Start-Up
Impact: Economic Security

Community First Fund provided entrepreneurs Chelsea and Zach Zawisa a chance to take their business in a new direction. Chelsea and Zach started Harvest Moon Bagel Co. in 2016 as a bagel supplier, selling their made-from-scratch New York-style bagels to local wholesalers, farmers markets, and other retailers. While successful, the power couple was ready to take the next step and open their own brick-and-mortar shop. They found the perfect location in downtown Lancaster, as a local bakery and coffee shop was ready to sell their business.

Like many small business owners, the Zawisa’s struggled to find financing to cover their various start-up costs. Community First Fund stepped up to help. We provided them with a loan to acquire the existing bakery’s business assets, purchase new equipment, and complete necessary leasehold improvements. Since then, Harvest Moon has thrived due to Chelsea and Zach’s hard work, their delicious breakfast and lunch menu, and their loyal customers that live and work in downtown Lancaster.