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Hair at DFB Studios

Owner: Leo Rodriguez
Location: Lancaster, PA
Business: Hair Salon
Purpose of Loan: Working Capital
Impact: Economic Security

At age four, a picture of Vidal Sassoon’s signature “bob” hairstyle set the course for Leo Rodriguez’s life. He knew from that moment on that he was destined for hair styling, and over the past two decades he has built a reputation as one of the best in the industry. Leo had worked in and around Lancaster for most of his career and was one of Community First Fund’s successful clients. His latest salon venture, Hair at DFB Studios, is an upscale salon located in downtown Lancaster’s “Lawyer’s Row”, where many of his clientele worked.

Leo is known for listening to his clients and catering to their every need. When it came to retrofitting his latest salon, Leo’s commitment to client comfort and satisfaction was top of mind. He had grand plans and approached Community First Fund for financing to meet his working capital needs. Hair at DFB Studios features a lounge area with a flat-screen television and Wi-Fi connections so clients can work during their visit. Clients are pampered from the moment they walk in the door and always return for more.

“Community First Fund was always there, it’s plain and simple”, states Leo, “I don’t know where I would be without them.”