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Credit Union – Family Impact

Family Impact of the Credit Union for Luvia Chetnut De Paau and her family.

Members: Luvia Chentut De Paau and Angel De Paau
Location: Lancaster, PA
Impact: Credit Union Membership

Our credit union helps our neighbors achieve their financial goals.  Luvia Chentut De Paau and her family, Honduran refugees, were looking for a financial partner to help them achieve their goals of building credit and growing their savings.  In their search, it was important to them to work with a team that understood their needs as immigrants and the complexities of moving to a new country.

Luvia was drawn to Community First Fund Credit Union for our accessible location, our expanding list of financial products and services, and most importantly our engaging, welcoming and supportive team that could talk to her in her native language.  Since opening her account, we’ve become a trusted place to deposit her money and our team has been a guide for her as they are saving for a home.

We look forward to continuing to provide guidance and services as Luvia continues to pursue her financial goals.