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Cabalar Meat Co.

Owner: Steven Cabalar
Location: Lancaster, PA
Business: Butcher Shop and Eatery
Purpose of Loan: Working Capital
Impact: Economic Security / Food Resources

After years of working in the industry and gaining instruction in craft butchery, Steven Cabalar wanted to start a business based on the value of health and quality over profits. With this goal in mind, Steven opened Cabalar Meat Co. in downtown Lancaster. Cabalar originally launched as a whole-animal butcher shop that offers high quality meats sourced from local farms. Every animal they butcher is fully pastured and raised with organic practices; ensuring customers receive the best meat products available.

After experiencing great success in his first year of business, Steven wanted to expand his butcher shop by offering made-to-order food. To get the new restaurant expansion off the ground, Steven came to Community First Fund for a loan to help cover a variety of operational costs. Cabalar Meat Co. now offers a great menu featuring freshly made sandwiches, burgers, and sides. This shop and small restaurant is a hit with locals, bringing a unique flavor to downtown Lancaster and offering healthy, locally sourced food options.