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Bair’s Fried Chicken

Owner: Kristen Snyder and Michael Poyle
Location: York, PA
Business: Food Market Stand
Purpose of Loan: Business Acquisition
Impact: Food Access

New owners are building their own nest egg after acquiring one of York’s most popular food venues. After years of learning various roles in the restaurant industry, Kristen Snyder and Michael Poyle were ready to take ownership of their own business and future together.

The couple came across the perfect opportunity to purchase Bair’s Fried Chicken, an established business with locations in both York’s Central and Eastern Markets. Known for its famous fried chicken, hand-breaded with a secret family blend of spices, Bair’s has been a staple of York community for over 30 years.

Kristen and Michael soon learned there was much more to buying a business than they anticipated. After reaching a tentative agreement with the existing owners, drafting a business plan and getting all the necessary paperwork in order, they thought they were prepared to secure financing. As with many new entrepreneurs venturing into the high-risk restaurant business, they were declined by traditional banks. Eventually, they were referred to Community First Fund and after working with our lending team, we were able to provide financing to purchase the business.

Today, Bairs Fried Chicken continues to flourish and, along with their famous chicken, offers a variety of specialty sandwiches and side dishes to a loyal clientele.