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Affinity Group Lending Program

Our entrepreneurial Affinity Group Lending Program (AGL) provides credit building, business technical assistance, and loans to group members with similar financial needs. This product is tailored for entrepreneurial borrowers seeking to increase business and financial capacity.

Note: This program is only offered in the Greater Philadelphia region through our Philadelphia office.

Program Benefits

$1,200 – $25,000 Credit Building Loans: Build credit, infuse a business with operating capital, renovate your store, or use the funds to purchase equipment and inventory.

No Minimum Credit Score Required: We can help you establish, increase or repair credit as necessary.

Financial Capacity Building: Borrow more with each loan cycle as you build and sustain credit scores.

Entrepreneurial & Financial Skill Building Workshops: Learn bookkeeping, budgeting, business finance, how to build and expand credit, and marketing from experts on the subjects.

Networking & Referrals: Network with peers and get referred to additional resources to help your business or personal financial growth.

Learn more about our group lending program:

Speak to an Affinity Group Lender by calling 267-236-7000 or email AGLGroup@communityfirstfund.org

Sign up for a free info session about our group lending program.

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English: Affinity Group Lending (Small Business Funding Opportunity) Info Session Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite


How Our Group Lending Program Works

Build a Group: Existing networks of 6-15 individuals approach Community First Fund to begin the process of participating in AGL. These networks are typically informal, and may share community, cultural, family, friendship, industry, or neighborhood connections.

Build a Financial Action Plan: Each group member works one-on-one with a lender to create an individual Financial Action Plan aimed at improving or establishing credit in order to reach specific financial goals.

Receive a Loan: Each group member receives a loan ranging from $1,200 to $3,600 on the first borrowing cycle or more depending on personal and business financial capacity. Each cycle is at least 12 months, the term necessary to address credit issues, establish credit, or increase credit scores, and learn about best business practices.

Build Financial & Entrepreneurial Skills: Our lenders organize group workshops throughout the year covering core topics such as bookkeeping, business expansion, client and employee management, credit building, financial literacy, marketing, and balancing family life while running a business.

Complete Loan Repayment: Group members complete loan repayment by the end of the year-long cycle, graduating with a better understanding of personal and business finance.

Additional Cycles and Larger Loans: Upon graduation from a cycle, group members may choose to enter into additional cycles, increasing loan amounts each time. As group members build a credit track record, they may also access our additional loan products and services individually.