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Success Stories

Our loans aren’t just about money and real estate. They are about people and communities. The real story is about our clients and partners who are agents of change. To learn more about the people transforming communities throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania, read their success stories.

Client Successes

The Numbers Add Up

Community First Fund provides the financial and human resources necessary to help low income communities and people, especially People of Color, create economic opportunity for themselves, their families and their communities. Since 1992, Community First Fund’s commitment to supporting high impact projects in our region has resulted in the following successes.

See for Yourself

Financing for Your Needs

We provide a variety of different financing to support startups, small businesses, CRE and housing developers, nonprofits, and first-time homebuyers located in the region we serve. Our team works with you to provide the best possible financing options to fit your needs. Visit our Financing page and find the loan product that works best for you!

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