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We are committed to aligning capital with justice for low income communities and low wealth individuals, so we may increase opportunities for economic prosperity for all. We are driven to make a change by transforming lives, businesses and communities – one transaction at a time.

Our Vision

Community First Fund envisions inclusive, equitable, and vibrant communities where individuals prosper, triumph over poverty, and live free from discrimination.

Our Mission

Community First Fund’s mission is to create financial equity through wealth building opportunities for individuals, families, and business owners, especially Persons of Color, women, and immigrants. We align capital, knowledge, and advocacy to advance access to financial services, business ownership, housing, and community development.

Our Core Values

  • Justice – We advance economic and social justice for disenfranchised individuals, low wealth individuals and communities.
  • Integrity – We are a dedicated steward of community resources, promoting openness and honesty in all of our work.
  • Self Reliance – We collaborate with individuals to advance their self-reliance and independence.
  • Respect – We respect the dignity and aspirations of all individuals.
  • Innovation – We solve complex community challenges with ingenuity and creativity.