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We could not achieve what we do without the tireless efforts of the dedicated people on our team. In addition to providing business lending and counseling, our staff “walks the talk” and actively advocates on behalf of low wealth communities and individuals. Our talented team is comprised of lending professionals as well as administrative personnel, all of whom have extensive experience in their area of responsibility.

Our leadership team has years of diverse experience in finance, community development and affordable housing, loan administration for minorities, women, nonprofits and small business and project management. Each member brings a unique perspective and high level of commitment to the table, ensuring that Community First Fund operates as an agile, forward-thinking organization.

Senior Leadership Team

Daniel Betancourt, President & Chief Executive Officer 
Phone: 717-869-5416  |  Email Dan  |  See Dan’s Bio

Joan M. Brodhead, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer
Phone: 717-869-5419  |  Email Joan

Lloyd Shields, Acting Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 312-914-0013  |  Email Lloyd

Dragan Dodik, Senior Vice President, Chief Lending Officer
Phone: 717-869-8445  |  Email Dragan

Cindy Stewart, Chief Human Resources Officer
Phone: 717-869-5444  |  Email Cindy

Lydia Walker, Senior Vice President, Development and Impact
Phone: 717-869-5430  |  Email Lydia

Alba Fernandez, Senior Vice President, Director of Lending
Phone: 610-396-7228  |  Email Alba

Christopher Styers, Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Phone: 717-869-5447  |  Email Christopher

George Pabon, Vice President, Information Technology
Phone: 717-869-5450  | Email George


Lending Team


James E. Buerger, Vice President, Housing & Real Estate Lending
Phone: 484-577-4824  |  Email Jim

Frederick Rivera, Director, Residential Mortgage Lending
Phone: 267-236-7002  |  Email Frederick

Pam Woodell, Vice President, New Markets Tax Credits
Phone: 717-413-7978  |  Email Pam


Jorge Zambrano, Vice President, Community Lender Team Leader, Philadelphia
Phone: 717-723-6946 |  Email Jorge

Ilya Golubtsov, Vice President, Community Lender, Philadelphia Market
Phone: 267-236-7011 |  Email Ilya

Claudy Geraldino, Vice President, Community Lending
Phone: 267-236-7018  |  Email Claudy

Hurley Desper, Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Lending
Phone: 267-546-9088  |  Email Hurley

Franklin Baez, Senior Community Lender
Phone: 267-236-7030  |  Email Franklin

Rose Tirado, Affinity Group Microlending Manager
Phone: 267-236-7003|  Email Rose

Andres Alvarez, Community Microlender
Phone: 267-236-7021  |  Email Andres

Steven Santoni, Community Microlender
Phone: 267 546-9086  |  Email Steven

Xiomara TorresCommunity Microlender
Phone: 215-398-5025 |  Email Xiomara

Junior Gallego, Senior Community Microlender
Phone: 267-546-0001 |  Email Junior


Daniel Beck, Vice President, Senior Commercial Real Estate Lender
Phone: 717-869-5417  |  Email Dan

Oscar Orozco, Senior Community Lender
Phone: 717-598-6205Email Oscar

Deb Joyce, Senior Community Lender
Phone: 717-945-2595 |  Email Deb


Shannon Leonhard, Vice President, Community Lender
Phone: 610-685-4940  |  Email Shannon

Erlan Dobronsky, Community Lender
Phone: 484-878-8905  |  Email Erlan


Anthony Maggio, Community Lender, Capital Region
Phone: 717-920-1520  |  Email Anthony


Marilyn Morel, Vice President, Community Lending
Phone: 484-484-8007  |  Email Marilyn