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Stand Together for Social Justice

All of us at Community First Fund are devastated by the shocking murders and acts of violence that have highlighted the injustice and oppression prevalent throughout our country. Recent tragic events taking place in our communities are a result of deep-rooted systemic racism and years of pent-up fear, frustration, and hopelessness that is a reality of life for People of Color. Violence against the Black community, the dramatic rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, and the immigration crisis on our southern borders all prove that racism and xenophobia still thrives in our world.

Our team is a diverse group of dedicated changemakers driven by our mission of social justice. The reality is that some of our employees have benefitted from the sin of white privilege and they stand in solidarity with their fellow team members who have been historically oppressed. We strive to right that wrong, not just for them, but for all whose lives are impacted by racism.

Nearly thirty years ago, Community First Fund was founded by a coalition of African-American, Latino, and White community leaders. We have marched silently with others over the past days, months, and years to advance economic and social justice for disenfranchised individuals and communities. We work in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and are committed to aligning capital with justice so we may increase opportunities for economic prosperity for all.

Today, Community First Fund continues the mission of our founders and envisions vibrant and diverse communities where ALL individuals prosper and are free from poverty and discrimination. Our team stands together. Please join the fight.