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In 1992, a group of community and business leaders had the vision to start a Community Development Financing Institution (CDFI) dedicated to the creation of an equitable and socially conscious economic community. Their foresight and determination shaped the same core values of justice and respect that we live by today. Our founders believed that everyone in the community had a right to make a decent living, deserved to reside in a safe, affordable home and should have the resources necessary to build a nest egg for the future.

At Community First Fund, we build bridges that raise people up. Bridges that connect our neighbors in impoverished areas to resources and ongoing support. Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs by providing minority small businesses loans, women-owned small business loans, nonprofit loans, affordable housing loans and New Markets Tax Credit loans to start and grow local businesses that employ thousands of workers and help create economic security.

Every day we work with entrepreneurs and community-based organizations that have rehabilitated hundreds of homes for families in low income communities. We also collaborate with developers who are transforming downtown communities, one building at a time. We’ve helped open new grocery stores in areas known as “food deserts” where little access to healthy, culturally-appropriate food existed. New healthcare facilities and pharmacies now serve people right in their own neighborhoods. And our funding has helped create schools and other educational opportunities that reach underserved youth and adults.