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Introducing our new Credit Union

It’s the new way to bank! As a trusted partner in Lancaster City, the mission of Community First Fund Credit Union is to help individuals, families and entrepreneurs achieve financial stability. We offer our members personal and business banking products including free checking, low minimum balance savings accounts, youth savings accounts, auto and personal loans.

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We've Grown!

Effective July 1, 2020, Community First Fund and FINANTA, a Philadelphia-based CDFI, joined forces as one, larger entity that now allows us to have a greater impact and drive change in the communities we serve. Over the next several months, our newly expanded team will be working together to develop best practices and implement technological efficiencies to advance our integrated organization.

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Invest In Your Community

Community First Fund relies on the support of individuals and institutions that are committed to investing in people’s lives and communities. Your support will help build healthy communities by aiding entrepreneurs who are seeking to start or expand a small business, increasing jobs, offering food and healthcare resources, revitalizing neighborhoods and creating new housing opportunities for low and moderate income families.

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Stand Together for Social Justice

Recent tragic events taking place in our communities are a result of deep-rooted systemic racism and years of pent-up fear, frustration, and hopelessness that is a reality of life for People of Color. Violence against the Black community, the dramatic rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, and the immigration crisis on our southern borders all prove that racism and xenophobia still thrives in our world.

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Building Bridges to Vibrant Communities

Community First Fund